Where were you in 2007?

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Almost 700 Antiochians showed up at Reunion 2007 to help prevent the closure of Antioch College by Antioch University. We raised $400,000 dollars in cash and pledges in a single weekend, dedicated to establishing an independent Antioch College. We vowed to "Be Ashamed to Let It Die." The Alumni Board voted, unanimously, to support a resolution to make the college independent and to preserve it, with its assets, students, and faculty intact.

In 2008, in the face of stalling by the University and their refusal to lift the declaration of Financial Exigency (despite alumni having raised more money than the endowment of some small, liberal arts colleges), the Alumni Board voted to support Nonstop (i.e. Antioch-In-Exile) as a vessel to sustain Antioch College's DNA in the form of its students and faculty.

What happened in 2009?

After the Keene Resolution of 2008, Matt Derr and Lee Morgan disappeared behind closed doors to negotiate Antioch College's independence from Antioch University. Even as Antioch Hall and other campus buildings suffered damage from AU's willful neglect, alumni were told to "keep their eyes on the prize," and that the doors would soon be thrown open to alumni participation in the process of revitalizing the college.

Those doors have never been thrown open, and Derr and Morgan emerged from behind them with an agreement with AU that remains mostly secret.

Meanwhile, the students and faculty of Nonstop have been shut-out of Antioch College, which calls itself a non-successor corporation even while simultaneously laying claim to the work-product and legacy of those former students and faculty.

The AAUP has advised that Antioch College should give its former faculty (wrongfully stripped of tenure by AU) the Right of First Refusal for any tenure-track position for which they are qualified. The present Administration of Antioch College has ignored those recommendations, which represent the standard practices of the academy. Some of the former faculty have been hired in administrative positions at Neo-Antioch, but none have had their tenure restored.

At Reunion 2010, Antioch gave itself a self-congratulatory pat on the back for its Civil Rights activism in the 1960s. But, turning a blind eye to the contemporary academic labor issues at the College, the Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton told the assembled alumni that it was okay to let some parts of Antioch die.

Who Are You in 2012?

You may be a member of the Vitruvian A-Team if any of the following apply to you (check all the apply)

( ) You kept teaching after you were deprived of tenure.
( ) You and/or your generation have been insulted by the current administration of Antioch College or a member of its New Trustees, and you have lost patience defending yourself over and over again.
( ) Lee Morgan referred to you as a "Cro-Magnon" in print.
( ) Nancy Crow dismissed you as an "obstructionist" or the member of a "vocal minority."
( ) The Admissions office of New Antioch refused to acknowledge your year's worth of academic credits at Old Antioch.
( ) You have received death threats because you keep asking pesky questions about the New Antioch.
( ) The new administration relies on your skills, but has been troublingly ambivalent toward you as an employee, freelancer, or volunteer.

On the other hand, you might be a Vitruvian A-Hole if any of the following statements apply to you (check all that apply):

( ) You think your experience and that of your immediate peers at Antioch was vastly superior to the Antioch education and experience of any other alumni.
( ) You think women should be obscene and not heard, and the Sexual Offense Prevention Policy is just plain silly; who needs to establish consent before sex?
( ) You think the former faculty taught lockstep Marxism, but the former students were somehow, simultaneously, so bitterly contentious as to be called "toxic."
( ) You think a College seeking accreditation should ignore the AAUP.
( ) You think the Social Justice tradition of Antioch College is no longer relevant.
( ) You mouth the catechism of Meritocracy, even though you inherited your wealth.
( ) You'd rather bury the past than tell the truth.
( ) Your smugness is greater than your compassion.
( ) You think your unsubstantiated opinion is more accurate, and a better basis for policy, than externally-collected, independently-confirmed factual data.
( ) You liked Antioch when she was your wide-eyed, idealistic, College sweetheart, but you became disenchanted with her after she started looking run-down, and became more multicultural, radical, queer, and pierced.
( ) You never liked Antioch in the first place, and are attending Reunion just to gloat over its demise (or the demise of some part of it you didn't like).
( ) You prefer elitism to egalitarianism, and rule by self-actualized Nietzschean Supermen such as yourself to democratic processes.

If you are a Vitruvian A-hole, your condition may not be terminal. The easiest form of treatment is to repeat the following mantra, aloud or silently, as often as possible:


This is a good way to encourage the process of lifelong learning.