Civil Liberties Code

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Adopted by AdCil and ComCil May, 1959

Antioch College, as an educational institution, is dedicated to the search for truth and to the development of individuals for their roles in society. This educational function demands a community in which mutual tolerance and understanding flourish. It depends upon freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, freedom of conscience and opinion, the rights of members to the same freedoms that all citizens have in carrying beliefs into action, the right of privacy, and the right to fair hearings. We regard these as fundamental necessities of genuine education, individual worth and dignity, and democratic government. The nature of the Antioch Community demands these freedoms and obligates its members to maintain them in practice and to observe the responsibilities that go with these freedoms in all phases of the Antioch experience.

Community members, individually and as groups, are free to state and discuss their opinions openly. They shall be free to publish and distribute publications, posters, and handbills.

Community members have the right to free association with individuals or groups and the right to organize and conduct their own meetings.

Community members and recognized groups are free to invite speakers of any persuasion to campus.

Members of the Community are free to reach, hold, and state their own beliefs — religious, moral, political, economic, or educational.

Entirely consistent with the openness of the Antioch Community is its respect for privacy. Confidential communication should be respected.

Community members have the right to take lawful social or political action to express or further their beliefs. Community members have the right to participate in groups for the purpose of furthering their beliefs. While such groups are not required to furnish lists of their membership or participants, the openness of the Community requires that there be no secret organizations, and the welfare of the Community requires that it know at all times the responsible leaders of all groups that use campus facilities. Individuals and groups, in exercising their civil liberties, are expected to act in accordance with Community standards and are accountable to the Antioch Community for their actions.

Community members and groups have the right to fair hearings at all levels of the Community process. (A booklet of guidelines for the Community Standards Board is available from the CG office.)

A person who joins the Antioch Community is expected to abide by common agreements and Community Standards, with or without full concurrence with them, so long as the agreements are in effect.